Discover Why 98.1% of All Fitness Professionals FAIL to Get Their Clients the Results They Want Most...

For example, if you were certified with all four of the top mainstream certifying bodies in the personal training industry and had read all their textbooks cover to cover, you’d have consumed 2919 pages of personal training certification information.

Within all these 2919 pages, you would have found just a total of 57 pages (mainly nutrition) that addressed fat loss.

Only 1.9%.

Think about that: The educational bodies responsible with preparing you to enjoy a successful career as a fitness professional have essentially ignored the very clients you serve.

The One Thing You're Missing...

Because of this glaring omission in the traditional education provided to fitness professionals, you’ve been left to figure out how to deliver the fat loss results your clients so desperately want on your own.

You’ve probably attended seminars and workshops, invested in DVDs and manuals – all with the sole purpose of helping your clients achieve the fat loss results they want so badly.

And while there has been a proliferation of outstanding specialty Certifications offered to the fitness industry over the past several years, none has specifically addressed the topic of training specifically for fat loss.

Until now.

Introducing The “First and Only” Metabolic Training Certification Developed Specifically To Make You A Metabolic Training Expert And Separate You From The Competition!

Metabolic Resistance Training is arguably the most important innovation to hit the fitness industry.

Obesity is at an all time high and still continues to rise.

The demand for ‘fat loss’ solutions from the consumer population is growing at an unprecedented rate.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand market trends or industry evolution.

Bootcamps promising fat loss are popping up on every corner.

Health clubs are aggressively going after the consumer wanting to lose fat by offering everything from their watered down version of personal training and bootcamps to spinning and dance classes.

Everyone is promising fat loss…but how many actually deliver it?

This is your chance to separate yourself from the masses and position yourself as a Metabolic Training Expert.

Discover What the Industry's Best Already Know

BJ Gaddour has likely had more impact on the metabolic training programming in the world’s top fitness bootcamps than any other person in the industry – and with good reason.

Not only has he been featured in Men’s Health, on and and a variety of other major media outlets, but he also has worked with some of the biggest brands in the fitness world on developing group based metabolic training programs.

BJ has also founded two of the most innovative companies in the fitness industry, Workout Muse and StreamFIT – both having coached thousands of fitness professionals and consumers on metabolic training.

Here’s what just a few industry leaders have to say about BJ and the Metabolic Training Certification:

BJ Gaddour isn’t just one of the brightest guys in the fitness industry; he’s also a charismatic and extremely effective teacher. BJ has a knack for making complex topics simple and delivering his messages with a great sense of humor that makes learning wildly entertaining. If you don’t love his stuff, check your pulse.

Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS, President of Cressey Performance

You cannot be an expert at everything, which is why I position myself around the best at what they do. Metabolic Disorder, which leads to significant health issues like obesity, diabetes or depression, is a problem in this world, and effectively treating this is an even greater challenge. BJ Gaddour has spent a majority if not all of his adult life learning and successfully treating his own formerly sluggish metabolism with a revolutionary new approach to training the human body. His personal success plus his repeated success with thousands of others makes him the “metabolic expert” he truly is. I have met no one else who demonstrates the passion and knowledge of “how to” create a healthy and high-performing metabolic system.

The Metabolic Training Certification is BJ Gaddour’s proven fitness solution to ramp up your clients’ metabolisms right now. It provides not just the reasons why but more importantly the "how to.” It’s my answer for myself, my clients, and my young athletes who struggle with weight control.

I highly recommend you make it yours.

Dave 'The Band Man' Schmitz, Founder of Resistance Band Training Systems

I consider BJ Gaddour to be one of the top metabolic training minds in our industry. His principles are sound, his methods are many, and his clients experience safe, effective, and engaging training in an amazing environment of energy and camaraderie. A training style that brings together the three elements of safety, progression, and atmosphere are rare, and BJ’s system excels at all of them.

David Jack, Men’s Health and Women’s Health Contributor; Performance Coach and Fitness Evangelist

BJ Gaddour is my go-to resource when it comes to metabolic training. This guy has read and learned from everyone, and he not only knows the research and science behind fat loss, but he always comes up with creative and joint-friendly ways to get the job done.

If you want to become the go-to fat loss resource in your area, you need to learn from BJ—that’s the bottom line.

Mike Robertson, Owner of Robertson Training Systems

When it comes to bootcamp workouts, metabolic training, and making exercise fun (really!), BJ Gaddour is among the world’s top experts. His knowledge and passion for helping people achieve 
their fitness goals quickly—and safely—is unsurpassed. He truly inspires CHANGE. The fitness industry is lucky to have BJ. And I can say that without a doubt, it’d be far better off if there were a lot more coaches just like him.

Adam Campbell, MS, CSCS, Fitness Director for Men's Health

Men's Health Expert

And not only do industry leaders like Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson rely on BJ as a trusted resource, but BJ is also the go-to metabolic training expert for the most recognized fitness magazine in the world, Men’s Health. Here are just a few examples of metabolic training programs BJ has done for Men’s Health:

And now BJ is going to share all of his Metabolic Training expertise with you in the Metabolic Training Certification.

Now It's Time for You to Take Action and Become Your Area’s Go-To Metabolic Training Expert

Staying ahead of the competition requires action and for you to position yourself as your area’s Metabolic Training Expert, the action you must take is clear:

Become Metabolic Training Certified.

When you take this critical step today, here’s what you’ll receive in your Metabolic Training Certification package:

A Four DVD Set Detailing:

  • The 10 Principles of Metabolic Training
  • The Most Important Metabolic Movements
  • How To Utilize Complexes & Circuits For Maximum Effect
  • Differences In Work Rest Ratios Critical To Specific Results
  • What Should Be Your ‘Go To’ Metabolic Training Approach
  • How To Utilize Tabatas Effectively For Fat Loss
  • A Specific Change You Can Make To Any Program To Enhance The Metabolic Effect
  • And Much, Much More!

Plus You’ll Receive A Companion Manual Reviewing All Six Sections Of The Certification Material.

All to prepare you to complete your Metabolic Training Certification Exam and clearly position yourself as your area’s go to Metabolic Training Expert.

How Can You Trust This Information Is What You Need?

Well for starters, you’ve already read what some of the industry’s leading experts have to say about BJ and his ability to help you become a Metabolic Training Expert.
But just in case that’s not enough, check this out:

Test drive the Metabolic Training Certification for the next 365 days with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how much more effective of a coach you will become with our proven system. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

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Never before has there been a Certification offered that specifically was developed to help you address the reason most clients work with a personal trainer or embark on a fitness program at all: fat loss.

In fact, the fat loss industry is a 60.9 Billion Dollar giant, and the competition to own your piece of that is getting more fierce by the day…

…and The Metabolic Training Certification Is Your Competitive Edge for Being the Go-To Fat-Loss Expert in Your Area!

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Make Today Your Best,

Ryan Ketchum

P.S. – The Metabolic Training Certification is the most comprehensive and current metabolic training program you’ll find anywhere. Take your clients results to the next level using your newfound metabolic training knowledge while you take over your local market.

P.P.S. Our mission is to give you all the tools you need to succeed. If you don’t feel we did, we’ll refund you for the full purchase price. No hassle, no questions asked. All the risk is on us. You have nothing to lose.